When Might an Investment in a Metal Roof Be Worth It?
Admin Admin June 4, 2022

My roofer says that a metal roof is a bigger investment than the old technology asphalt and fiberglass shingles; it also received attention for years.

So, how can you decide whether the additional expenditure on a metal roof is good for you? 

Considerations For Metal Roof Investment

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1. How long do you intend to remain in your home?

A metal roof is an excellent investment for homeowners who want to remain in their house for at least one more "re-roofing cycle." Depending on the region, a typical re-roofing cycle lasts anywhere from 12 to 20 years, as my roofer says. Regardless of the product, Roofing costs tend to double every 10 – 15 years. If you do the math and plan to remain in your house for a long time, a metal roof will probably save you money.

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2. Do you intend to give or sell your house to a friend or family in the future?

Increasingly, homeowners make arrangements to give or sell their house to a friend or family. So, instead of leaving your loved one with an inferior roof that will eventually need to be replaced, consider installing a worry-free metal roof as an added bonus for them.

3. How intricate is the curve of your roof?

Many roofs nowadays have highly intricate geometry - hips, valleys, wall junctions, skylights, pitch variations, rounded regions, you name it. No matter what kind of roofing material is used, installing a complex roof takes time and effort. A metal roof may be a better investment for property owners with complicated roofs than paying for my roofer installation labor. Additionally, conventional roofs seldom "wear out" in the essential portions of the roof. It is usually at the junctions and intersections when difficulties develop. Consequently, complicated roofs might be more prone to problems that evolve over time with regular shingles.

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4. What's the age of your house?

Homes that are more than a century old may begin to gain weight. The low weight of a metal roof may be of significant advantage to a property displaying indications of age like structural sagging and degradation.

5. Your home's roof makes up how much of the exterior?

When the roof is a crucial focal point of a property, having a roof that looks nice and doesn't smear or stain as it ages may be a great advantage. My roofer says that other roofs detract from the aesthetic appeal of a house and its perceived market worth over time.

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6. Does your roof appear to be prone to weather-related problems?

Some properties, either because of construction, design, or location, are more prone to weather-related roof problems than other homes. Traditional roofs fail miserably on specific properties, as my roofer says, whether due to wind, sunlight, salt spray, or ice and snow exposure. Complex rooflines and building techniques like insulated panels might make roofs perform poorly. Metal roofing with interlocking panels is typically a suitable solution for these houses.

7. Do you make purchases for your house based on their environmental impact?

Some metal roof contains recycled material of 90 percent or higher. When you combine that with the product's long life, energy efficiency, and flexibility to be placed over the existing shingles, a metal roof is perhaps the "greenest" roofing decision you can make.

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8. Do you have a qualified installer available?

All types of roofing materials need expert installation. My roofer has training and expertise in installing roofs, as it is essential to getting the most out of your financial investment in a metal roof.


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