What Is The Market Rate For A Roof Replacement?
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Having a safe place to sleep is one of life's most lavish luxuries, but most of us take this basic need for granted. Also, a roof won't stay forever. The question is, how much does it cost to replace a roof? If there is a problem with your roof, it has to be fixed immediately.

Water damage and rot behind the shingles caused by roof leaks that go unrepaired might ultimately cause the ceiling to collapse. Considerable damage to your house and property might result from this, as could an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones.

Roof Replacement Cost

Are you putting off a roof replacement or repair because you think it can wait? Your search ends here. Whether you're curious about how much a roof replacement would set you back, what kinds of roofing materials are available, and how to figure out if it's better to repair or replace your roof, you'll find all that and more in this article.

The Typical Cost of a Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is one of the costlier home maintenance tasks you'll have to do. And unlike a new deck or updated kitchen, this isn't something you'll immediately benefit from in your house once construction is complete. However, this long-term investment will maintain your home in pristine condition.

Depending on the material used, a freshly installed roof may last anywhere from 30 to 100 years. If that wasn't enough good news, you might recuperate a portion of the typical cost to remove the old roof and install the new one when you sell your property.

About 60% of the cost of a new roof will be recovered in a sale of the home. A new roof adds resale value and financial benefits in numerous ways. Your property will sell faster and for a higher price if it has more selling points.

Most homeowners pay between $5,500 and $11,000 to replace their roofs, which is more than the national average of $8,000. The two most significant factors in a roofing project like this are the size of your house (and, by extension, your roof's surface area) and the material you pick.

Roof Replacement Estimate


Average Cost $8,314

Highest Cost $11,209

Lowest Cost $5,443

What Affects the Price of Roofing Material by the Square Foot

Roofing labor costs per square foot typically account for around 60% of a roofing contractor's estimate for the cost to replace your roof, while roofing supplies make up about 40% of the total cost. We'll break down the specifics of the prices and the range of possible quotes below.

1. Labor

Between $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot, this is the typical price you can expect to pay for labor related to roofing. Roofing professionals should be familiar with the word "square." The square footage of 100 square feet that one roofing square protects. A labor estimate might range from $150 per square foot to $300 per square foot. Comparable to a price range of $1.50–$3.00 per square foot, as in the previous quotation. It's helpful to know the difference before you get a quote.

A roofer's estimate for their time on the job may be affected by several variables, some of which are as follows.

Scope of the damage - When the timbers under the shingles have rotted extensively, the work becomes more challenging and considerably more hazardous. Decaying wood beneath your roof will cause a roofing contractor to charge you more, perhaps even double, to replace your roof due to the extra time and materials required to ensure their safety.

State of the environment - Extreme weather, whether snow, ice, or high temperatures, may significantly affect the final cost of your roof replacement or repair project.

Get rid of the old stuff - A roof that should have been replaced long ago may have been reshingled instead to prevent the inevitable replacement. If yours is one of them, you may need to remove more than one layer of shingles before you can repair or replace your roof. The price of labor per square foot on the roof will reflect this.

2. Materials

The price of roofing materials may range from $100 per square foot to $1,000 per square foot, making up around 40% of the total cost to replace your roof (again, keeping in mind that a square is 100 square feet). However, that number might change drastically based on the materials being used to construct the roof. Roofing materials get more expensive, farther from the standard of asphalt shingles.

  • Dimensions & Roof Slope - The roof pitch, sometimes called the "roof slope," refers to the degree of steepness or angle at which your roof is slanted. Measuring the vertical rise of your roof throughout 12 inches will give you an idea of the roof's pitch. DIY roofing projects best suit standard roof slopes between 4/12 and 9/12. Outside of that range, you should probably hire a professional roofing firm. The price of roof replacement may vary depending on the extent of your roof's pitch since this will affect the amount of time and work required.

  • Location - A roof replacement cost may also affect your home's location. The cost of a new roof varies greatly depending on your location for several reasons, including the kind of shingles/roofing best suited for your home's environment, local construction requirements, and HOA laws.

We'll compare the price of roofing replacement across many of today's most popular options below.

Prices of Different Roof Materials

Most current homeowners choose asphalt shingles. They're reasonably priced and long-lasting; some models are guaranteed for 50 years. However, if you are considering a roof replacement, you have a wide variety of choices, provided that your budget is sufficiently substantial. Here is a breakdown of how much various roofing materials cost to replace:


Asphalt shingles $2,500

Galvanized steel $3,000

Stainless steel $14,000

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles, made from a combination of fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral composite, are the most commonly used roofing material. They are also the least expensive, longest lasting, and simplest to set up option.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel roofing, made of a steel core with a zinc covering, is one of the first roofing materials utilized in the United States.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the premier metal and makes for a roof that will last 50-100 years without rusting or deterioration.


Slate and stone tiles are more costly than metal or wood, but they last far longer and look beautiful for a long time. It can withstand the heat and flames of a fire and the icy blast of a polar vortex without succumbing to the pounding of hail or a twig.

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Copper roofs are the most expensive choice, but they outlast other types of roofing by a long shot. Also, they improve the aesthetic value of your property by adding a touch of opulence to its outside.

Cost to Replace Roofing vs. Repair

Perhaps the roof damage isn't too severe. Is fixing it preferable to buying a new one? It's wise to acquire a professional's assessment before making significant changes to your roof, particularly if you're unsure what needs to be done. If the damage isn't too severe or you just want a different kind of roof, a repair could be able to accomplish the trick. In such a case, you're in luck. As opposed to a replacement, a roof repair job might save you a lot of money.

If your roof is made of asphalt, you may expect to spend between $325 and $1,377 on average for a modest repair. The price of high-quality components will increase, while labor costs will average between $45 and $65. Below, we've compiled a list of the most frequent roofing problems and their solutions.

Damage to the flashing - Flashing refers to the metal strips that run along the seams of your roof. Over time, corrosion or wear might cause them to fail, which in turn can cause roof leaks.

Worn or curling shingles - Asphalt shingles last for decades (about 20 to 50), but as they grow old, they curl and let water in. A single bundle of shingles, which may cost anywhere from $30 to $50, is frequently all that's needed to replace a small piece of curling shingles.

Pooling water - In as little as 48 hours, water pooling on your roof may create severe problems inside your house. For this reason, maintenance on the roof must be a priority.

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