Wood Shakes vs Wood Shingles
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Walking around, noticing a wooden roof, you may think that all wooden roofs are the same but actually, they aren’t. Colors and styles may be very noticeable but actually, there are two types of wooden roofs, wood shingles, and wood shakes. 

But wood shingles and wood shakes are hard to distinguish. Worry no more! This will be your guide to differentiate one from the other.

Differences between wood shakes and wood shingles

Wood Shakes vs Wood Shingles

1. Manufacturing 

Traditionally, wood shakes are made by splitting off a block of wood whether by a mallet or any sharp object while wood shingles are sawn from a block of wood on both sides which is why wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles. 

With the advancement, wood shingles are now machine manufactured while wood shakes are still made by hand but are now being done with power equipment or tools. 

2. Appearance

Since wood shingles are machine manufactured and cut on both sides, they have a smoother, flatter, and more uniform finish compared with the wood shakes that have a rougher texture and look natural on one side. 

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3. Thickness

Wood shakes are thicker compared to wood shingles. 

4. Durability 

Comparing both wood shingles and wood shakes, wood shakes are more durable considering that they are thicker than wood shingles. The most durable type of wood shake is the cedar shake as it has a thicker layer of protection from weathering and other damages due to changes in weather. 

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5. Cost

Because of its thickness and weight, wood shakes are more expensive compared with wood shingles material during the installation. 

6. Installation

Unlike wood shingles that have a smoother texture on both sides, wood shakes are harder to install because of their imperfections which can be areas where the moisture will be trapped allowing moss or other problems to arise.

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Now that we have an idea of the differences between wood shingles and wood shakes, there are other factors you need to consider in choosing your material. 

1. Species

The strength of the wood shingles or shakes greatly depends on the tree species. These can be categorized into hardwood and softwood and the quality of these types depends on the density. The denser the wood, the stronger it is. 

2. Pattern 

Wood grain depends on the arrangement of the cellulose fibers. The wood grain pattern depends on the woodcut. The look of the grain can be straight, spiral, irregular, wavy, and interlocked. 

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3. Cuts 

You must also be familiar with how the wood is cut for your wood shingles or shakes because it usually determines the strength. To determine how it is cut, consider how the grains are visible. 

Most of the woods that are cut along its grain are much tougher compared to other cuts. It is because of the cellulose fibers which are still bound together. 

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4. Grade 

Wood is classified into grades which indicates its quality. Wood shingles or shakes that are classified as Grade 1 have the best quality which means most durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, if the wood is classified as Grade 4, it is the lowest quality which is not advisable for exterior purposes like roofing. 

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5. Color 

The natural color of the wood varies for different tree species. It can go from brown, yellowish, red, black, or nearly white. 


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