Wood Roof- Advantages and Disadvantages
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Due to its abundance, wood has been the go-to construction material whether from a portion of a house, building, or ship to be the main construction material. Wood roofing started in the middle eastern time but was most popular during the colonial times. The tree species depend from region to region but are still widely used because of their availability, durability, and fragrance. 

It was during the 18th century that the wood roofing materials were coated with oil to protect them from weather changes and time. It was also during this time that the wood roofing materials were mixed with colorant for a more pleasing and natural look. Up until now, wood roofing is still being used for roofing materials, whether it may be passed from generation to generation or due to preference. 

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For this article, we have prepared the advantages and disadvantages of wood roofing. 

Wood Roof- Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Wood (Shingles) Roofing


Wood is always available because it is a renewable resource but the tree species depends on the location and weather. Especially now that import and export are a thing, wood species used for shingles that are only abundant in certain regions can be used in your home. Wherever you are, wood is always available. 

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Long service life 

The wood itself that grows long and mature, can last and stand strong for more than 50 years. Wood shingles can last this long too especially with it being coated to be more resistant to weathering, rotting, and termites. Wood shingles can last up to 70 years, depending on the tree species and the location of your home. 

Energy Saving 

Wood shingles are good insulation. During hot days, it can absorb a percentage during the heat transfer which lessens the heat that can penetrate your home. And during the cold days, you can keep your home warm. 

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Wind & Weathering Resistance

Wood shingles are a good wind-resistant material with the consideration of the size, cut, and tree species. It can also be very resilient as cracking is less likely to happen, unlike other materials that can warp and crack during weather changes. Compared to other shingle materials, wood is not brittle.

Appearance and Fragrance 

One bonus for wood shingles is the look it gives to your home that no other material can give. It is natural and the color can last long because the colors can be retained from the original tree color but also after mixing with the colorant, it is being coated. And lastly, unlike other materials, wood has its own texture and grain that adds to the uniqueness of your home. Most, if not all, wood shingles give off a good fragrance. 

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Disadvantages of Wood (Shingles) Roofing


Termites love wood which if not treated, can cause it to rot and decay which is why through time, wood shingles are being coated to protect it from recurrence of these problems. Due to external factors like the changes in weather, it can slowly wear off the coating and other chemicals. Another problem that may arise with this is moss due to moisture and humidity. With this, re-application is needed which should be done every 2 years or depending on the treatment you are using. 

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