What You Need To Know in Choosing Wooden Roof Shingles
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Let’s admit it, wood roofs give a unique and natural look to your home, especially if you want a rustic look. You may ask yourself, wood is very water-absorbent, will it be durable enough? The answer is it can! In fact, wood shingles began years ago and are apparently still present today. 

Wood shingles have started due to their durability and abundance. Another reason would be because wood is an all-around construction material, from foundation to roof. During the 18th Century, wood shingles were coated to protect them from the rainy and sunny seasons and treated with the colorant to fit their decorative purposes. 

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How do you know which are wood shingles?

Wood shingles are thin wood pieces, machined-cut, for consistency in dimensions, from a block of wood and tapered to have smoother surfaces and edges. The longevity of the wood shingles, just like any roofing materials, varies depending on the wood species, quality of wood, installation, and the climate. 

There are many tree species, wood shingles came from but it all started from cedar wood. Through time, many trees are then used for this matter. 

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Cedar Wood Shingles 

choosing wooden roof shingles

Cedar wood is the beginning wood type being used for wood roofing material because of its strength, durability, resistance to weather and wind, and fragrance. Cedar trees can grow very tall and strong that can stand through strong winds and storms. It is also resistant to insects that have lesser chances of rotting. Lastly, cedar wood has a consistent and fine grain along with and uniform texture. Cedar wood shingles can last up to 50 years considering good maintenance. 

Cedar shingles can be in western red cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, and eastern white cedar. 

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Teak Wood Shingles

choosing wooden roof shingles

Teak Wood is used not only for roofing material but also for other furniture. Teak wood is known for its strength, durability, resistance to insects and weathering, attractive color, and smooth grain and texture. Teak trees are one of the hardwoods that can grow beautifully tall and are also known as the ‘king of wood’ because of their strength and beauty. It is also highly resistant to rotting because of its close-grained and high in natural oil and rubber. And with these benefits, though not the most expensive, teak wood shingles are costly. It can last from 50 to 70 years. 

Teak wood shingles can go from warm gold, and brown to gray color combinations.


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Wallaba Wood Shingles

choosing wooden roof shingles

Wallaba wood is dense hardwood. Compared to other hardwood, wallaba is high in density, has a coarser texture and the grains are straight but just like cedar and teak wood, it also secretes resin, rather oily and like a gum which is proven to be very resistant to rotting, insects or termites. Wallaba, due to the gummy secretion, can clog saws and cutters but can easily be cut by handy machine tools because of its high density. Aside from shingles, wallaba is also used in framing, furniture, panels, and exterior joinery. Wallaba wood shingles can last up to 50 years. 

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Wallaba wood shingles can be of color light red to reddish-brown. 

Wood shingles are a very good roofing material and were tested over time. Choosing the wood species varies on your budget and home aesthetic. 

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