What You Need To Do To Get Your Roof Ready For A Hurricane
Admin Admin August 15, 2022

residential roofing company near meNobody wants a tornado or storm to damage their property, but there are actions we can all do to prepare advised by a residential roofing company near me.

Nothing can be done to protect yourself from an EF5 tornado; nevertheless, you can check to see whether your roof is ready to withstand the forces of lesser tornadoes or storms. There are a few easy techniques to check whether that is the case. If you take the time during the year to ensure that the integrity of your roof is preserved, you won't have to be as concerned about your roof when you learn that there is a potential for severe weather in your area.

residential roofing company near me

1. Identify concerns with your roof.

A comprehensive inspection of your roof is one of the most excellent methods to determine whether or not it is ready for the hurricane and storm season. You are able to do a visual check of the inside component of your roofing structure if you have an accessible place such as an attic or another similar area.

Keep an eye out for indications that the connection between the trusses and the nails or screws is weakening. For your roof to be able to survive tornadoes, it must be fastened down securely and correctly.

Is there decay or rot on any wood that links your roof to other parts of your home? This might result in a weaker spot on your roof, which would compromise the system's overall integrity.

Look out for any significant leaks: Any quantity of water that finds its way under the roof might result in considerable damage. In the event that leaks are not repaired, there is the possibility that an even greater amount of damage may occur during a major storm.

After that, you may do an examination from the exterior to look for the aforementioned problems, in addition to items like raised or loose shingles. If you see anything that doesn't appear right, call in residential roofing company near me.

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2. Is it time for a roof upgrade?

If you want to provide your roof with an additional layer of defense against severe weather, you might consider installing hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are built to endure a minimum of 300 pounds of lifting pressure, equivalent to the winds you would experience during a tornado.

These straps function by enhancing the connection that already exists between your roof and your walls, so making it more difficult for the force exerted by heavy winds to cause damage to your roof. Depending on the local construction regulations in your area, they could already be in some newly constructed houses. Suppose you are interested in having hurricane straps placed on your roof but are concerned about the complexity of the process. In that case, you should speak with a certified residential roofing company near me.

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If you discover any trouble spots, do not hesitate to contact a reputable and authorized residential roofing company near me, such as Swadley Roof Systems. Our experienced project managers will be happy to assist you with a comprehensive examination and any necessary repairs that may arise.

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