What Can Go Wrong With Wooden Roof Shingles?
Admin Admin June 20, 2022

Wood shingles have been around the roofing industry for centuries. Even up until now, wooden roofs are still very much available, and very little has changed with their products which is instead of doing it by hand, there goes a machine to create smoother and uniform wood shingles. 

But just like any roofing material even though tested to be durable, over time, there are problems or damages that will be visible on your roof. It can be because of the material, the installation, or external factors like weather, wind, and insects. 

Here are some of the most common roof shingles problems that you may encounter and how you can avoid or fix them. 

What can go wrong with wooden roof shingles


There are many factors that can contribute to the rotting of your roof shingles. It can be because of too much exposure to moisture which allows moss and algae to grow or termites or insects are eating your roof which is brought by winds. 

To lessen the chances of too much moisture being on your roof, always wash and sweep off the dirt or other debris. This dirt or debris can accumulate water which if in contact with your roof shingles, will encourage sipping in of the moisture which if left for a longer period can contribute to these problems. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents that can wear off the coating of the roofing shingles. 

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For rotting that is caused by pests or termites, we would recommend hiring a specialist to have an inspection of your wooden roof to know how intensive the termites have rotted your roof. 

Weathering or Curling 

Because it is exposed to different weather conditions which can sometimes change rapidly, it can contribute to the deterioration of the roofing materials. Especially when the roof shingles are thin, the edges can curl up and break over time wherein the inside will be exposed and if heavy rain can happen, moisture can quickly sip in the material and cause worse problems. 

To lessen the chances of your roofing shingles being affected by the sudden changes in weather, always conduct maintenance and invest in an effective coating that can protect it from the harshness of the sunlight and moisture during the heavy rain

If there are any wood shingles that are broken or are very damaged, replace them immediately as they can be a fire hazard or where the leak can penetrate your home. 


Even time is a contributor to the deterioration of the roofing material. All kinds of wooden shingles are prone to splits over time especially if it was exposed to harsh weather conditions. Splits can worsen and break if not repaired or replaced immediately. If left unrepaired, the sharp edges can damage the underlayment or the shingles will be loosened which in cases of strong wind, can blow off your wood shingles. 

If splits are already happening to your wood shingles, have them repaired or replaced immediately. To slow down the deterioration of the wood shingles, always conduct a routine check-up. 

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Missing or Damaged

Roof shingles are thin roofing materials, depending on the wood species, they can be brittle and can break when a heavy object fell on them or applied too much pressure. Avoid stepping directly into your roof shingles to lessen the chances of damaging it. 

For missing shingles, it can be avoided with proper installation to make sure that during a strong wind, it could not rip off your wood shingles. 

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