What are The Other Way of Having an Energy Efficient Roof?
Admin Admin May 3, 2022

Choosing an energy-efficient roof will lessen your electrical bill, and carbon footprint and add more value to your home. Having are the common ways to make your roof energy-efficient. 

Have you considered lowering your electrical bills and heard that the roof color does affect your home’s temperature? It actually does. Just like how we are told to wear light colors when going out under the heat of the sun, having a lighter color roof does work too. The sun throws off a combination of heat and light, light-colored roof bounces more wavelengths which means it absorbs lesser heat that goes through your home. But more than just changing your roof color, there are many other ways you can do to make your roof energy-efficient. 

1. Insulation & Proper Ventilation

What are The Other Way of Having an Energy Efficient Roof?

Roof Insulation & Ventilation is a powerful combo to make your house energy efficient. During the summer, a properly ventilated roof can help circulate the hot air accumulated in the attic, making the indoors a normal temperature. While with a properly insulated roof, it helps block out the heat indoors making the room warm. Proper ventilation exhausted the hot air during the hot days and proper insulation keeps the heat in during the cold days. Insulation & Ventilation helps the air circulation. 

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2. Solar Tile/Panel Roof 

One of the best ways to make your home energy-efficient is by taking advantage of solar energy. Installing a solar tile roof may be costly at first but it will save you much more in the long run. With the number of solar tiles or shingles installed and with their wattage performance, you will see a significant decrease in your electric bills. Choosing solar tile or shingle roof is not only beneficial to your wallet but also to the environment. By choosing this, you will lessen your carbon footprints. Choosing a solar tile roof is a long-term investment plus it gives off a modern sophisticated roof.

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3. Green Roof 

If you enjoy looking over a field of green, this energy-efficient roof might be your best choice. Other than the type of plants you are choosing for your green roofing system, these green roofs provide a drainage system, waterproofing, and root repellent to make sure the stability of the structure. The basic layering of the green roof consists of roof support, insulation, waterproofing & root repellant membrane, drainage layer, growing medium, and vegetation. All parts are significant as it plays their role in keeping the structure safe and keeping the plants alive. The benefits of a green roof are the reduction of maintenance, and lesser heat absorption in your home, and most of the green roofs have now undergone fire retardation. If you wish to choose to have one, you must consider the additional weight your roof supports will carry and provide necessary reinforcement to avoid accidents. 

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Choosing your energy-efficient roof greatly depends on your budget. Always take into consideration that it may be costly to upgrade your roof, it will do more good to your house. The long-term benefits you acquire, lesser electrical bills and lesser carbon footprints, weigh more. Whether your reason is to keep your home within your budget or pave your way to a more eco-friendly life, choosing an energy-efficient roof is always the best choice. 



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