What are the New Roofing Services Offered by Roofing Contractors?
Admin Admin May 27, 2022

Roof contractors often provide a wide range of new roofing services to their clients, and they also offer extra services for the benefit of their clients.

The services provided will vary according to whether the roofing contractor specializes in residential, commercial, or both. In this section, we will go through the most common services offered for each.

new roofing services

1. Residential Roofing Companies

No matter what kind of home roof you have—sloping or flat—a residential shingle roofing contractor can handle all of your roofing requirements. Included in these new roofing services are:

  • Inspect your roof to see whether recent wind damage or aging has caused any damage.
  • Roof repair for modest, isolated flaws such as missing or lifted shingles is a common need.
  • Roofing restoration involves cleaning your roof and addressing minor concerns such as broken or lifted shingles.
  • An experienced roofing contractor will remove and discard your roof's worn-out shingles, prepare your roof for new ones, then install them.
  • Roof leaks or storm damage from last night's storm? Most roofing companies are ready for emergency repairs when the unexpected happens.
  • The soffit, downspouts, and gutters surrounding your roof are all designed to divert water away from your house. A thriving roofing ecology has all of these components.

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2. Commercial Roofing Companies

Residential and commercial roofing companies alike offer their customers a variety of alternatives to keep their roofs strong and durable. Included in these new roofing services are:

  • As most business roofs are flat, dirt and debris accumulate on top of the building. A routine maintenance package from a commercial roofing contractor will entail cleaning the roof and checking for any indications of possible problems.
  • As long as the problem is isolated, it is usual to repair a small portion of a big commercial roof. In regions where water accumulates or rests, the roof is more susceptible to damage or deterioration than other parts of the structure.
  • Eventually, the roofs of all commercial buildings will have to be replaced. There are several choices for replacing a flat business roof, such as TPO & EPDM roofing, tar roofing, and torch down roofing.
  • Commercial establishments may use Emergency Service to assist with the repair of any leaks or damage that occurs without warning.

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In addition to the new roofing services mentioned above, some roofing contractors provide extra services that may or may not be relevant to your roof. Like any other contractor, a certified and insured roofing contractor is always the best bet. All of the following services are offered by Swadley Roof Systems, which is certified and insured and provides a guarantee that includes both manufacturing flaws and workmanship. Your roofing requirements are in good hands with us.

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