What Are The Different Types Of Roof
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Some probably don't give much thought to the kind of roof all that you have on your house until it is time to make repairs or even replace it.

In addition, the kind or style of roof you choose may significantly impact the value of your home, as well as its visual appeal.

In addition, the sort of roof you have may improve your home's energy efficiency, be weatherproof, and even give more storage or even additional living space in the form of an attic.

Find out what kinds of roofs are most common in your region, research, and continue reading to learn more about the various roofs and what sort of roof performs the best.

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1. Gable Roof

This is the typical triangle roof all you find on many homes in the United States, and it's certainly what comes to mind when you imagine a suburban home with the conventional peaked roof lines in most of the country's states.

The form of these roofs is fundamental; therefore, they are very affordable and easy to erect. Because of its simplicity, the basic gable is the foundation upon which most other pitched roof designs are based.

If you're creating a regular or basic gable roof, you may use various roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, cedar shingles or shakes, slate, and clay or concrete tiles.

2. Hip Roof

After gable roofs, hip or hipped roofs are the second most frequent roofing style. While gabled roofs have two sides, hip roofs have four sides, forming a ridge at the top.

The inward pitch on all four sides of a hip roof makes it more sturdy than a gable roof. Hip roofs provide extra protection from the sun with an overhanging eave on either side.

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3. Jerkinhead Roof

A jerkinhead roof incorporates aspects of a gable and hip roof into a single structure.

Clipped gable and English hip roofs are other names for jerkinhead roofs, which resemble traditional gable roofs but have been truncated at the end or have two shorter sides.

This kind of roof all is often constructed so that the dormer windows on the upper floors are not obstructed by the clipped sides or hips.

4. Mansard Roof

There are four double sloping sides that meet to produce a low-pitched roof all in the center of the roof known as a "Mansard roof" or a "French roof," which was initially built by architect Francois Mansert.

Mansard roofs are commonly employed as a technique to increase the flexibility of a property because of the additional living space (referred to as a garret or loft) or attic storage they offer.

5. Gambrel Roof

There are many similarities between mansard and gambrel roofs, sometimes known as barn-style roofs or barn-style roofs. Mansard roofs have four sloping sides, while gambrel roofs only have two, resulting in a more triangular roof than a square or rectangular one.

The bottom slope of this roof all is almost vertical, but the higher slope is more gradual, including an attic, loft, or garret for additional storage or living space.

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6. Butterfly Roof

This v-shaped roof has two elevated wings that meet in the center of a valley, like the wings of a butterfly mid-flight.

Because of the valley in the middle, the butterfly roof is ideal for residences in dry or desert conditions, where rainfall may be collected and used for irrigation and landscaping.

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