Things To Consider Before Installing Roof Insulation
Admin Admin May 26, 2022

If you already have installed your roofing system and still want to lessen your energy consumption, installing roofing insulation is the best thing you can do! You don’t even need to worry because there is a wide variety of insulation materials you can choose from to fit your roofing system. Are you considering hiring a contractor or doing it yourself? Either way, here are the things you need to consider before installing your roofing insulation. 

Things to consider before installing roof insulation

Roof Inspection 

You need to evaluate first your roof as well as your attic if there are any signs of problems. There are many questions you need to ask yourself first but for starters, here are some:

-Is my roofing support structure still stable? Is my roofing support adequate to carry the additional load my roofing insulation weighs?

-Are there molds forming? Are there any leak marks or water stains that may indicate a leak or moisture problem?

If there are structural and leak problems, have it fixed first before you consider installing the insulation material.

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R-Value Consideration 

R-Value is used as a measurement of how effectively the thermal insulation material resists thermal movement. The higher the R-value, the more insulation the material provides. R-value is measured by the type of insulation, the thickness, and its density. Insulation materials have different values even if they have the same thickness due to their density, so better check the specification of your material before installation. In planning your desired R-Value, you can check your local building or energy code requirement as it may differ depending on your area.

Choosing your Insulation Material

Now that you have an idea with the minimum R-value required in your area, you may now consult with different suppliers of insulation materials that are suitable for your roofing system. There are many types of insulation materials such as Spray Foam Insulation, Bat and Roll Insulation, and Structural Insulated Panels which give different advantages on top of each other. 

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Prepare your tools 

Installing insulation doesn’t require much equipment or tools, all you may need (depending on your insulation materials) are a cutter blade or knives (for cutting your insulation material), and a long stick (for areas that are beyond your reach), and a ladder. You may also need something you can kneel on to get comfortable during the installation. 

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Safety Precautions

If you are planning to do it yourself, do it right and safely. Make sure you take the necessary safety precautions before doing the job. These are the safety garments you need and are not limited to: 

-Safety Glasses - installing insulation in your attic is a dusty job, it is better to give your eye protection to prevent it from any dust or other particles that may cause it to irritate. 

-Gloves and long sleeves- some insulation materials can cause irritation to your skin once it touches the skin. It is better to protect your hands and arms from this itchiness. 

-Dust mask- Working in this area, like the attic, are dusty places which are why you also need to provide yourself protection from sniffing. Protect your lungs, wear a mask. 

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During the installation, you must also take safety precautions with your action like: 

-Provide gaps between your insulation and the lighting fixtures or wires. 

-Avoid covering up your ventilation. 

-Seal any air gaps. 

-Do not compress your insulation materials. 



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