The Popular Residential Roofing Services Upgrades
Admin Admin August 19, 2022

Re-roofing for your house might not be the most exciting residential roofing services near me. But it can make your home last much longer and be worth much more.

For the most part, the roof is a practical component, but there are now more options than ever to make it visually appealing. Find roofing materials that suit the rest of the property and search for extra features that may aid with ventilation and indoor temperature management. If you're planning to re-roof your house, here are some residential roofing services upgrades to consider.

residential roofing services near me

1. Pick a shingle that uses less energy.

Although shingle roofs have been safeguarding our houses for more than a century, they've come a long way in the last decade. Siding comes in a wide range of colors and textures today, so architects and homeowners may find a choice that complements their aesthetics and the property's look. Suppose your home is located in a location that receives a lot of direct sunlight. In that case, you may consider getting residential roofing services near me to install reflective shingles because the granular surface reflects solar radiation and may cut cooling expenses by up to 15%.

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2. Invest in easy-to-clean gutters.

There are few roofing elements as crucial as a gutter system. They divert rainwater from the building, protecting the brickwork from mold and mildew. Maintaining older gutters is essential since they are more susceptible to clogging. Instead of being prone to leaks and clogging due to leaves and other debris, modern seamless gutters are almost maintenance-free. Choose a color for your gutters that goes well with the rest of your roofline's accessories before getting residential roofing services near me.

3. Boost airflow via the roof.

If they aren't properly vented, attics may heat up quickly in the summer. Temperatures in such rooms rise as a result of the heat accumulation, making them unpleasant. Install ridge vents on your roof to keep the attic and the rest of your house cooler. Invisible from the street, the ridge vents behind the ridge cap tiles allow airflow. Soffit vents beneath the eaves are essential for efficient ventilation because they pull in cooler attic air when hot air is expelled. Gable vents positioned towards the roof peak of external walls may also be required to maintain enough airflow. A cooler attic means your house will be more pleasant in the summer without expensive air conditioning.

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4. Protect your chimney with an airtight cap

In contrast to traditional brick and metal caps, airtight chimney caps are primarily intended to save energy by keeping out rain and (if fitted with a screen) birds and other small animals. A chimney cover is critical to your chimney's safety and correct operation. It's like the chimney spews warm air from within your house while it's freezing outside. Because it's not airtight, your firebox's damper isn't much of a deterrent. Consider having an airtight chimney cover installed for your residential roofing services near me while the roof is being worked on by asking your roofer for advice.

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