Solar Roof Maintenance that you need to know
Admin Admin June 5, 2022

Choosing a solar roof is both beneficial to you and the environment due to the abundance of solar energy. But how does a solar roof work? Solar roofs can be in terms of panels, tiles, or shingles. These solar roofing materials are constructed with silicon cells, a metal frame, glass casing surrounded by special films and wiring. The sunlight activates the photovoltaic cells, which these cells convert and produce electrical current. These electric currents are then converted into the type of electricity that can run and power your home. 

Solar Roof Maintenance that you need to know

Through this process, the solar roof reduces your utility bills monthly to about 30% and up, and also it can last up to more than 25 years which is a very great investment. Solar roofing materials are made for lesser maintenance compared to other roofing materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions but it doesn’t mean 100%, on rare occasions. 

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To ensure that your solar roof is working in its best condition, check the energy output or your electric bills. If you have noticed a drop in your energy output, it means that your solar roof has experienced damages that get through the conversion of the solar energy. To lessen the chances of these repairs, routine maintenance should be done. 

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Maintenance of solar panels isn’t as hard compared to other roofing materials. You just need an annual inspection and cleaning. 

During the annual inspection, hire a professional that can get an in-depth inspection on the efficiency of your solar roof. Your professional might need to look over the energy output so at least document the day-to-day performance of your solar roof so the professional can quickly see the inconsistency especially if a storm, hail, snow, or other harsh weather condition occurred. 

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Also for the cleaning, it doesn’t really require that much. Tools or equipment used during the cleaning are very much easy and always available like a leaf blower, water hose, or spray. You can do the cleaning at least twice a year depending on your location. If you have a sloped solar roof, the rain can just wash off the dust, debris, or dirt that your solar roof acquired. Just to make sure that no other dirt can obstruct the solar roof process, use a leaf blower to remove any debris or leaves and have a quick water spray. During the snowy days, remove any snow build-up that can cover the solar roof.

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You can even use a wiper, soft rag, or soft-bristled brush with a long handle to wipe off other dried-up dust or built-up dirt. Avoid using an abrasive sponge or soap which may cause a scratch or dent on your solar roofing material. 

During the cleaning, always put safety first. Wear protective garments like harnesses and hard hats to ensure that accidents cannot happen during the process. You can hire solar roof maintenance professionals to efficiently clean the roof with no chances of damage during the process. If you also have hired professionals for your cleaning, they can advise you to assure that your solar roof operates efficiently and it wouldn’t worsen that it needs repair or replacement.       

If there are any damages, be in touch with your solar roof provider for the warranty that can do the repair of your roof. 


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