Roof Tiles and Hailstorms
Wade Warren Wade Warren May 12, 2022

Roof Tiles and Hailstorms

Although your roof is designed to protect you, it can still acquire damage through strong weather, especially hailstorms. Hailstorms can produce ice pieces that can crack or chip your roof tiles with their impact. If your roof tiles are cracked, water or moisture can penetrate your underlayment causing leaks and molds on your attic or ceiling. And if left not repaired, can cause much damage as roof framing and ceiling collapsed. 

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How do I protect my roof tiles from these damages?

Frankly speaking, there is no easy way to do so but you can do preventive measures than can lessen the damages during a hailstorm. 

  1. Trim off your tree branches to avoid your roof tiles to be punctured or breaking. 
  2. Regularly inspect your roof condition. Before the hailstorm arrived in your area, check your roof tiles if there are any cracked or loosened tiles and have them replaced and repaired immediately. Also, examine your underlayment as it is your secondary protection from any leaks. 
  3. Invest in a hail-resistant material. Now with the advancement of the roofing industry, new materials are evident in the market that can withstand strong wind and hailstorms. If your area is prone to strong winds and hailstorms, though these materials are expensive, it is better to have this long-term investment. 
  4. Protect your windows. Close the shutters of your windows. 
  5. Get insurance. Before getting one, check the insurance policies if it covers hail damage. If not, ask your insurance provider to have hail damage coverage. It will be an additional cost but it is better to have an assistant during your roofing repair. 

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What to do after a hailstorm?

1. Check your home 

Walk around your lot and see if there are any broken glasses around, then wear your safety garments and thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof whether there are cracked, chipped, or loose roof tiles. Since some of the damages can’t be seen on the roof, you can also do a check-up on your attic whether there are any leaks or presence of moisture in the roof framing. 

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2. List down the damages

Takedown the exact date when the hailstorm caused the damage. Document and take photos of the damages your home acquired after the hailstorm. If possible, get your rough estimate of the materials or the extent of the damages to your home. 

Talk to your insurance provider if they can send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damages caused and have it covered. 

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3. Talk to a professional 

For the repair, it’s best if you now invest in a hail/wind resistant roof in order to avoid these incidents. Discuss with your contractor/roofer, the damages it acquired and have a quotation for the material and labor cost for the said roofing job talks to at least three contractors and compare their quotations and hire the most reasonable contract amount.

What happens if you disregard the damage?

If left not repaired, your repair cost will increase over time as your roof will acquire more damage. In the worse situation, this damage can cause to degrade your roofing frame which will be an additional job as you need to reinforce your frame. This will also cause leaks through your roof and might damage your home appliances or might cause electrical damage. 


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