Roof Repair or Replacement? How to Select The Best Option
Admin Admin April 25, 2022

Have you experienced any sign of leaking in your ceilings? Have you found fragments of roofing falling off from above? Then you have a roofing problem. Our years of experience as roofing contractors have clients from residential and commercial buildings with roofing problems ranging from minor leaks to major defects that call for immediate attention.

Different types of roof problems call for various actions, but there are times when we should opt-out out replace our entire roofing. Here in our company, we give you the best option to address your roofing problems.

How are we going to decide whether to repair or replace it? Well, there are a few essential things that we need to consider.

1. The Age of Your Roof

This is the most common consideration we need to investigate when deciding our options. Some roofs have been in our building structures for a long period, and deteriorations and signs of aging are already conceivable. Some roof structures have already served their time and need to be replaced. Others can be repaired to prevent yourself from incurring huge costs. 

Good quality shingle roofing can usually last for up to around 20 years. Tile roofs can serve your structures for almost 50 years. On the other hand, metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years. 

Roof Repair or Replacement? How to Select The Best Option

If you have been living or inhabiting your building since it was built, you would know how many years of service it has provided. If not, then expert roofing companies can provide their assessment. Usually, there are visible signs that your roofing is already old. Some include vegetations such as weeds and moss, blisters, sagging surface, buckling or curling of edges, and discoloration.

These signs may usually contribute to the moisturization of your roof systems and further damage to the surfaces. If the damage is significant, then you need a replacement. For minor damages, consider repairing the damaged portion only. Hire the best roof contractor in your local area to ensure that the works are of good quality.

2. Damaged Area

In some cases, calamities can cause severe damage to our buildings, especially the roof. Strong typhoons, climate occurrences, and even fires leave us with a severe problem. Always choose to investigate the affected areas in your roof surfaces. Isolated damages only require repairs. If you noticed small leaks in your ceiling, it is probably just a tiny hole in your roof that can be repaired manually. Minor damages can always be easily repaired, but if you are unsure of what to do, you can always seek help from roofing companies.

3. Roof Condition

If the damage is too severe, for instance, strong winds have destroyed most of the surface of your roof, you may opt-out out to replace it. The detached roofing can be reused and reattached to your structures in some cases. If your roof is dilapidated, you have no choice but to purchase new materials for the roof. The cost will always outweigh the necessity. However, it is the best thing if you have home insurance to fall back on.

The most crucial step in making the best decision is the investigation and inspection stage. In this step, you will be able to decide whether you need help from experts or you can do the repairs on your own. Some roofing companies provide free inspections. It is beneficial for you to seek professional help without any cost.




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