Remedy to Common Roof Problems
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One way to save your money from expensive repairs is conducting a periodic check-up and maintenance on your roof. These are the 3 common roof problems that you may encounter and how you can fix them.

Have you checked your roof lately? As much as how well your roof is installed, you must still keep an eye on it to save you from the worst conditions that could happen. Being proactive is always the key. It’s advisable to do a regular inspection of your roof since it is exposed to changing weather, foreign matters & animals. Here are the most common roof issues which you can work on.

1. Roof Leak

Remedy to Common Roof Problems

Your roof is the external protection of your home and it is exposed to different weather conditions, it may be rain, hail, snow, and many other things. These will create a moisturthatch that can penetrate to the small pockets and spaces between your roof shingles which for worst can go straight to your ceiling. If this leak will not be addressed quickly, it can elevate to rotting, molds & damage to your home appliances. 

Why does this happen?

Your shingles are cracked or broken where the water can enter through the cracks and go through your underlayment. 

If you have a chimney, the joints between your chimney and roof might be cracking since this is displayed in different weather. 

There might be a build-up of debris on your gutter which will clog the drain causing it to backflow.

How to look out for it and how to fix it?

The best thing you can do is to do an inspection of your attic and see if there are any signs of build-up molds that show that the water has been leaking through that area. If you don’t have an attic, check your ceiling if the paints are bubbling and if there are dried leak marks. If these things happen, call your roofer for a thorough inspection. 

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2. Moss

Remedy to Common Roof Problems

As much as it gives a greeny look to your roof, it does more harm than go. When moss grows rapidly on your roof, it will accumulate moisture and this dampness can grow algae, bacteria, and mold if not taken seriously your roofing will decay. 

Why does this happen? 

- Most mosses build up rapidly due to the damp condition of the roof area which doesn’t receive much -light. 

- This may also be because of the pores of the materials that can get moist.

How to look out for it and how to fix it?

If you have observed a green thin layer that may seem to look like a moss growth but is not rooted deeply you can brush it off with a cleaning solution or you can find a moss remover and spray it off with water downward making sure that there are no roots left. If the moss has already grown deeply and covered a big area, this may have caused material damage to your roof. With this, you must call a roofer and do an inspection on whether it can still be repaired or needs to be replaced.

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3. Damaged Roofing Material

Remedy to Common Roof Problems

Your materials are degrading because it is exposed to natural conditions. It may be from the weather, the animals, or the material itself.

Why does this happen?

There may be trees surrounding your house where branches could fall damaging your roof materials. 

Due to the changing weather condition, rust may happen to other construction materials.

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How to look out for it and how to fix it?

Check your tree branches, trim off the branches that may fall or puncture your roof especially if your area is prone to heavy winds. The best would be invest to in your roofing materials, contact your roofing contractor and have your roof installed have the best quality at a reasonable price. 

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