Maintenance of Wood Shingles
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Wood shingles are one of the roofing materials that need frequent maintenance. Maintenance of roof shingles doesn’t just involve simple cleaning but also other treatments to protect them from other elements. Wood shingles are a natural material, therefore some damages are because of their material. Depending on the tree species, maintenance of roof shingles must be done every 2 to 4 years after installation. 

As stated below, maintenance for wood shingles can be both done simple or needs to be done by a professional. With that being said, we have prepared some basic maintenance that you can do yourself and some that need professional help. 

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Safety Precautions:

Maintenance of roof shingles can be dangerous as you are working on heights. And if you don’t know the condition of your roof shingles for a long time, it poses more danger not just for yourself but also to your roof shingles which can further damage. Before climbing up to your roof, follow some of these steps to lessen the chances of accidents. 

  1. Use a ladder wherein its height should extend at least 3 feet above the roof line and must be securely attached at the top. Always make sure that the ladder is secure at the bottom. 
  2. Wear a shoe or boots that have non-skid soles to avoid slipping or falling. 
  3. Wear a safety harness or line. 
  4. Control your steps. 

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Maintenance of Wood Shingle Roof


Sweep off debris or other fallen leaves that can contribute to the moss or algae growth on your roof. There may be other dirt that cannot be swept off, so you need to wash or brush it off. You may need to avoid using power washing as the extensive pressure can potentially strip the weak wood shingles. If you have inspected your wood shingles and none of them are loosened, you can do the power washing as it can be an effective way to remove debris, dirt, and other organic growth and improve the roof’s appearance. In brushing it off, avoid using intense cleaning solutions that can wear off the coating or other protective layer of the wood shingles. 

Coating and Treatment 

Weathering is one of the common problems that wood shingles can have. Provide certain treatments to the wood shingles to protect them from the UV rays, and moisture and treatments like fire retarder and oil treatment. 

The effectiveness of these treatments depends from product to product which is why you need to apply these treatments every three years or so. These treatments should be registered to ensure safety when used. 

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Pest Control

Termites and other pests love wood material and your roof shingles are not safe from it. When your wood shingles are broken, these pests can invade your wood shingles and deteriorate the materials, and can impose dangers to the roofing system. Apply insecticides or other fungicides that should be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Gutter Cleaning

Always clean your gutter. If gutters are left uncleaned, they can be clogged and the water during the heavy rain will backflow to your roof and can cause too much moisture which can damage your wood shingles. Wood shingles that are exposed to water for a long period will deteriorate your material and can contribute to moss growth. 

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