How To File For An Insurance Claim (As a Roofing Contractor)?

Was there a hurricane during your roofing services causing damage to your work? Were there unfortunate incidents that cost your employee to be brought to an hospital for immediate and urgent care? Are you being sued for the accidental damage in your customer’s lot? Whatever the case may be, if you have filed for an insurance you are financially & legally protected. If these incidents happen and is covered by your insurance, you can file for an insurance claim.

Insurance claim is a document formally requesting for the an assistance, whether it is to pay the hospital for the medical fees or professional fee for your attorney when you are being sued. You will receive money to help you pay for these expenses.

Steps in Filing for Insurance Claim:

1. Inform the authority 

Whether it is to the police assistance or medical attention, you must call for help first before anything else. A report from the authority will help your documentation of the events which will be easier during the insurance claim.

2. Inform your Insurance Company 

Notify the insurance company within the time-frame (days) as given with the insurance policy document. It is best to inform them immediately through a call and especially in written form containing information of the accident extent. It is best to have a written document so you can follow up whenever. The insurance company will then send an adjuster.

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3. Document what happened 

Be prepared with the information and documents that the insurance company might need, you can also provide pictures if possible. Most information needed are:

-Necessary contact information (yours and other party)

-Insurance Holder Name (individual or business)

-Policy Number

-Date and Location of Loss

-All other necessary documents.

If for incident of theft or loss, a police report will be needed for the documentation. And for injury incidents, a medical report will be asked. 

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4. Give full cooperation with the adjuster

Once they arrive, the adjuster will do a visual inspection to the property to check the authenticity of the claim. They make ask for proofs, so it’s better to preserve the area. Assists the adjuster with the necessary information. They will ask you with the scope of damage and come up with an agreement which will be covered and how much you will receive for the repair. You must know what needs to be done in order to come up with the terms. For instance of medical assistant, provide necessary documents like hospital bills and findings.

5. Claim Approval

Once settled and approved, you can now claim your reimbursement. You can go over the coverage of the claim and you can now start with the repair of your roof. 

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Why is my claim denied?

-Failure to provide necessary information of the incident, some data might be incorrect. Always check for the policy number, the dates and names. 

-Coverage issues, the incident might not be covered by the insurance (check your contract).

-The incident is not an accident, it may be intentional. 

-If the insurance is not paid for or there are any case of fraud.