Here's How To Ensure That Your Roofer Did a Good Job
Admin Admin August 16, 2022

Obviously, one of the most costly parts of house upkeep is roof repair. As a result, knowing if your residential roofer near me did a good job is a must.

Sadly, this is one house area where substandard craftsmanship is not unusual. Expect your roof to appear and function its best after investing thousands of dollars. In addition to looking awful, a badly repaired or constructed roof may lead to expensive and many issues in the future, such as structural damage caused by leaks and humidity. Is it possible to tell whether your roofers performed an excellent job by inspecting their work?

The good news is that you don't have to be an expert or a professional to detect subpar roofing work. You need to keep an eye out for a few important indicators. In any case, it'll be clear whether or not the work of your roofing contractor was worth the money you paid for it.

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1. Your Roof Includes Drip Edge Flashing

Residential roofer near me often attempts to cheat homeowners with this. Every roof edge should have drip edge flashing. It prevents water damage and bug infestations in the attic. Most homeowners can't determine whether their roofs have drip margins, even though they're required. Most only notice the problem when leaks or moisture issues arise. Qualified roofers utilize drip edges to seal and preserve the roof. It should set up shingle installation. Some provide unique drip edges to protect your roof.

2. Your Roof Looks Even and Uniform in Appearance

Most people don't examine their roofs once a renovation is finished. The finished roof should be uniform. Unevenness is a sign of a faulty roof job. Your roof isn't consistent if it sags or shingles aren't the same hue. Also, use the same materials across your roof.

Shingles are the roof's center point and keep your house dry. A good roofer will start at the bottom, go over the beginning shingle, and proceed. This gives your shingles a consistent look and helps them function.

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3. They Use A Quality Underlayment

During roofing installation, watch for this. If your residential roofer near me isn't utilizing underlayment, intervene. Every skilled roofer puts underlayment between sheathing and shingles, as it protects your property from dampness and leaks. It increases the roof's longevity. 

A proper underlayment also protects wooden roof components from moisture during construction. Qualified roofers always utilize synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayments are 40 times stronger than felt paper, and it doesn't degrade and lie flatter than their previous equivalents.

4. They Implement Effective Flashing Practices

Leaks cause the most house and roof damage. A good residential roofer near me usually puts metal flashing around leak-prone places like pipelines and chimneys. Always lay material beneath shingles, never over. Chimneys need step and counterflashing, and one metal sheet isn't enough.

Bad roofing contractors use roof cement, or inadequate caulks to replace the metal flashing. Sealants may stop leaks temporarily, but not permanently. They can't withstand Florida's humid heat and will break down soon, causing leaks. Roof edges that contact walls should have kick-out flashing. Kick-out flashing prevents water from flowing down walls.

Inexperienced roofers may reuse outdated flashing. Responsible roofers never reuse flashing; they replace rusty flashing and damaged vent pipes. If the roofers correctly flashed the roof and waterproofed penetrations the first time, you'll save expensive repairs later.

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5. They Leave The Job Area As They Found It

Your house and property should appear the same when a residential roofer near me finishes a job. Great roofers never leave debris, empty packaging, old shingles, or additional supplies. They'll dispose of it themselves. Many carry their own dumpster to clean up while they work. If a business demands you collect and dispose of roofing materials, they may have cut cuts elsewhere.

Roofing shouldn't affect the grass, trees, plants, shrubs, or landscaping. This includes siding and windows. Even great roofers make errors, but a quality roofer always fixes them. If trash or debris is left behind or your house is harmed, your roofer did not perform a good job.

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