Green Roof Maintenance Guidelines
Admin Admin June 3, 2022

Green roofs have gained popularity around the world. Green Roof is both eco-friendly and practical as you take a lot of benefits with it. 

  1. They are self-sustaining for it to adapt with its local environment.
  2. They are energy efficient for it has a thicker layer of protection. 
  3. They can have noise cancellation properties.
  4. They have a longer lifespan.
  5. They have better water drainage and are eco-friendly. 
  6. They are low-maintenance.
Green Roof Maintenance Guidelines

Green roofs don't require that much of a maintenance compared to other roofing materials as it adopts well with its environment. Maintaining your green roof is a responsibility to your plants so they can be well taken care of and can perform at their best. 

These ways of maintaining your green roof can be done seasonally or annually, depending on your preference and your area weather condition. 

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1. Watering 

Even though green roofs are made to endure and work under changing and harsh weather conditions, watering your plants is still essential especially on hotter days. During long and extensive sunny days, it can lead to prolonged drought which can lead to dead plants. To sustain the needed water of the plants in order to thrive and have good plant health, water your plants as much as you need. 

2. Weeding

Since your green roof is a mode of vegetation, birds and wind can carry seedlings, especially weeds, that may grow rapidly and affect your plants. Weeds have the ability to compete for sunlight, nutrients and space with your existing plants and it can also bring or attract insects. Which is why during the growing season, it is advisable to look out your roof for any weed growth. If there are any, remove the weeds as much as you can spot on. 

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3. Fertilizing 

To ensure that your green roof plants maintain good health, providing fertilizers are essential. Fertilizers provide necessary nutrients in order for it to grow, thrive and flourish throughout the year. After installation, it is advisable to provide fertilizers annually during the first 3-5 years and conduct a soil testing of how much needed for it to be fertilized for the succeeding years.

4. Check Drains 

The drainage system is one of the most important parts of the roof especially for green roofs. To maintain a healthy plant life, you should also maintain a healthy environment of which your water shouldn’t be stagnant. Check if there is ponding water or any clogs in the area that can affect the environment of your green roofs and also your community. 

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5. Pest Control 

Pest or insects are almost always present where plants are but sometimes too much of them can do harm to your green roof plant and the stability of your roof itself. If you have monitored that the unwanted pest, insects or animals visits your green roof and have seen some damages due to it, consult a green roof professional services to help you remove safely and effectively these problems before it gets worse. 

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If your green roofs are not maintained, you can visually see what is wrong about it. Upon your monitoring look out for any signs that your green roof needs to be maintained and consult with professionals immediately in order for it to be resolved quickly. 


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