Getting The Best Houston Metal Roofing Services For Your Roof
Admin Admin September 19, 2022

Swadley Roof Systems is here to assist clients in getting the best houston metal roofing services in an affordable, time-saving, and cost-effective way.

houston metal roofing services

Why Should You Go for Metal Roofs?

Many buildings, including apartment buildings, fire stations, churches, and even your average three-bedroom house in the neighborhood, use metal roofing. Your home will benefit aesthetically, financially, and environmentally from installing a metal roof. Residential metal roofing is offered in an extensive color palette, making it possible to find a match for almost any architectural design. Swadley Roof Systems offers classic standing seam steel roofs in various colors, in addition to aluminum shake and shingle roofing that is created to mimic wood shake, slate, or shingles.

Allow Swadley Roof Systems to provide you with some pricing information on metal roofs. We can demonstrate that although the upfront installation cost may be higher than that of a composite roof, you will spend significantly less money over the course of the lifetime of your house and will be able to save a significant amount of money. A high-quality metal roof is likely to be the only one you will ever need, in contrast to the several times your neighbors will need to replace the roof of their house.

If you go for a metal roof, not only will you save money, but you'll also be helping the environment. In the United States, each year, conventional asphalt composition roofing materials are responsible for generating an estimated 20 billion pounds of garbage that is disposed of in landfills. When choosing a metal roof, you won't have to worry about this problem since these roofs can often be built over top of an existing one. This results in cost savings and eliminates the adverse effects that disposal would have on the environment. One of the most significant advantages is that metal roofing is always constructed using between 30 and 60 percent recycled materials.

Reflective coatings are already being used on many residential metal roofs. This technology enables greater energy efficiency in homes and reduced monthly power costs.

Cracking, shrinking, and erosion are all things that may be avoided with a metal roof. In addition, they are superior to all other roofing materials in their ability to survive severe weather conditions and wildfires.

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Our Houston Metal Roofing Services

We can cater to our client's diverse requirements thanks to the wide variety of metal roofing services we provide. Our team of skilled specialists is capable of meeting the standards necessary to effectively equip and install any sort of roof, including residential and commercial roofs.

1. Metal Roof Replacement

We replace residential and commercial roofs entirely, both residentially and commercially. In addition to shingles, metal, and aluminum roofing, we also install standing seam roofs.

2. Metal Roof Repairs

You may not need a whole new roof but only some repairs, and we can take care of that for you.

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3. Metal Roof Storm Damage

Has hail, high winds, or another kind of storm caused damage to your roof? Repairs for storm damage are available around the clock, seven days a week.

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