Four Things You Should Know About Residential Roofing Leaks
Admin Admin August 10, 2022

A leak in residential roofing in Houston during an intense rainfall can develop into a problem. Here are some things about leaks that you aren't aware of.

1. The rain does not fall in a vertical line.

This is a mistake that many people make. To redirect the flow of rain in a different direction, all that is necessary is a powerful wind gust. Rain pushed by the wind will often get under the metal flashing on residential roofing in Houston, which may cause leaks. Performing preventative maintenance on your property guarantees you will not run into this problem.

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2. Rain is not the source of all leaks.

To some extent, yes. They begin with rain water, but if that water were just allowed to sit there, it would often flow away. On the other hand, leaks almost always begin when the weather is bright and hot. The sun's rays may evaporate any water sitting there for an extended time and cause structural damage to your residential roofing in Houston. When the light continues to shine on that area, it might eventually cause the residential roofing in Houston to become more brittle. 

The weight of the raindrops that impact that location may cause the area to break apart, resulting in holes and ultimately leaks. Because of this, you won't often become aware of a leak until the next time it storms. If this occurs during the summer, it can be a very unpleasant period once the rains of winter begin to hit since there may be several locations on your roof where this has occurred. If this happens during the summer, it may be extremely annoying during the rains of winter.

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3. There is a possibility that the hole is not the point where the water is entering.

If it leaks, your residential roofing in Houston may not be the source of the rainwater that is getting into your home. It is possible for water to spread from the source of the leak to an entirely other portion of the house. Even if water is leaking into your kitchen, the source of the leak is probably higher up, directly over the living room. To discover the actual cause of the leak as well as its line of progression, you will need the assistance of a trained specialist.

4. The cost of maintenance is often lower than that of repair.

Stay on top of gutter inspections, general roof inspections, and any other inspections that need to be done. You will be able to identify and diagnose any possible problems before they become big. Due to the amount of labor that is required, residential roofing Houston repairs may be rather expensive. You may include the cost of routine maintenance into your budget and plan accordingly.

We hope that the information presented here will motivate you to do routine inspections of your roof, which will protect it from leaks and any and all other issues that may arise. Simply visit the website of Swadley Roof Systems to make an appointment for a roof inspection!

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