Find Out How To Prevent Rust From Forming On Metal Roofing
Admin Admin May 17, 2022

We've been looking closely at common questions about rusts in metal roofing and what metal roofing specialists tell us to watch out for.

In this article, we will discuss the rusting of metal roofing and the protection of cut edges. This question comes down to, "As a property owner, what steps can I take to guarantee that the metal on my roof will not rust?"

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What is a Metal Roofing Rust?

The use of a non-ferrous metal that does not rust, such as copper or aluminum, is, of course, the most reliable method for ensuring that rust protection is provided. Aluminum is used in the production of every single form of metal roofing product except for one. According to some trustworthy metal roofing specialists, steel may be used to produce high-quality goods by select manufacturers.

Some properties might benefit from the addition of specific desired characteristics that steel roofing can provide, generally at a more affordable price point. But what can be done to prevent rust from forming on ferrous metals such as steel?

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The Avoidance of Rust on Steel Roofing Comes Down to Two Things

1. The use of a superior base metal that has an anti-corrosive coating containing a significant amount of zinc.

G90 galvanized steel has the highest zinc content of any generally available steel roof, making it an ideal choice for the steel roofing systems that almost all manufacturers provide. It has a higher zinc content than the standard (and less expensive) Galvalume products that are already on the market. 

Additionally, there have been reports of items manufactured elsewhere being imported into the United States with shockingly low levels of zinc. However, zinc is essential since it is what guards against the sharp edges of the cuts, as per a metal roofing specialist.

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2. The correct installation ensures that all edge cuts are sharp and free of debris, as well as that any scratches on the metal are skillfully covered up.

To begin, it is essential to have the understanding that there is, in reality, no difference between the edges that are produced at the factory and the edges that are created from cuts that are performed on the worksite. Rust is an eventual possibility for both of them. 

Field-cut edges run a significant danger of rusting owing to the general lack of accuracy that is often present on construction sites. The installation procedures that are followed by our metal roofing specialists, who have been factory-trained, guarantee that your steel roof will not rust.

Talk to a metal roofing specialist if you want an in-depth explanation of the chemistry and other aspects involved in preventing rust from developing on a steel roof.

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