Does Repairing Cost More Than Replacing My Roof?
Admin Admin May 5, 2022

Are you experiencing frequent problems pertaining to your roof? Have you constantly burdened yourself with patching and ending up having the same problem all over again and now you want a permanent solution? Here are the factors you need to consider whether to repair or replace. 

Roofs are often overlooked that when you have a roof problem it is in its worse condition. When this happens, is it better to repair rather than install a new one? To answer it quickly, you can consult with a roof specialist about your concern but you must also know the basic factors whether you need to repair or replace them.

repairing cost more than replacing

1. Age

How long was your house built? What roofing material did you use in your roofing construction? If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, it can last up to 25 years, a clay tile roof can last up to 100 years while a metal roof can last for 70 years assuming that it is properly maintained. These ranges don’t mean that you need to change it every time the material reaches this range but it should be considered whether you need to decide if you have to replace or repair it. If it has not achieved its highest range, you can consider repairing it first and consider the maintenance cost. For roof materials that are past their service range, you can opt with replacing them.

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2. History 

Did your area experience a strong hurricane? Have your area been under frequent snowfall & rainstorms? How frequently do these roof problems happen? The history of your roof problems is also an important consideration if you need to replace or repair your roof. If you have been experiencing leaks and just go for patching it will just happen numerous times. You might want to consider having a further inspection with your roofer for the probable root cause. If the root cause is worse and the damage severe, you might want to consider replacing your roof and repairing the damage. Don’t wait for your roof problem to damage your appliance before you take an action.

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3. Energy Efficiency 

Are you experiencing higher electrical bills? Or does it feel like your heater is not working during the cold seasons? You might need to consider checking on your roof for holes the cold air can still circulate in your home. Another is, that your material may not be that energy efficient already. As the world starts advancing, so do our construction materials. Energy-efficient roofing material, reflects the sun’s rays releasing some of the sun’s heat and reducing the heat that passes through your material. With this, it will lessen the heat temperature circulating your home and lessen your energy consumption. You can consult with your roofing specialist to what’s the best material in the market. 

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4. Cost 

Are you tight on budget? Usually, if your roof is built for a long time, materials are either phased out or needed to be bought in bulk. The repair might cost you more since you need to buy more than what you need and the longer it takes the higher the labor cost. Assuming that the materials are readily available, you must consider the cost of repair & maintenance and replacement. In considering the repair, you must take note of how old is your roof, the materials & labor cost, and how often it needs check-ups and maintenance. For considering replacement, you must take note of the material longevity, material cost, and how long it takes to replace it since it can affect greatly your labor cost. As you compare both scenarios, is the repair just a small fraction of your replacement cost? Or the cost for both are closed?

If you’re having a hard time deciding, you might want to consider hiring a roofing specialist which can give you an idea of the solution. They can help you know the new trends in roofing materials as well as the cost in the market. Hiring a specialist is time-efficient. Check out our other articles to know how to choose your roofing specialist.



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