Deciding Whether to Get Residential Roofing Service or Roof Replacement
Admin Admin August 22, 2022

Can you tell if you need a residential roofing service or invest in a new roof? Let us help you make this crucial financial choice as Swadley Roof Systems.

Warning Signs That You May Need a New Roof

Is it time to replace your roof, or will have it fixed be sufficient until you can afford a replacement? Here are several indications that your whole roof needs to be replaced.

residential roofing service

1. The older roof has deteriorated over a number of its portions.

If the damage to your roof is just localized to a small section of the existing roof, you may be able to lengthen the amount of time your roof will last. After all, a qualified roofing contractor can do residential roofing service to leaks and replace damaged roofing material by using the extra shingles you have on hand.

If, on the other hand, there are many spots on the roof that are leaking water or if you discover that you constantly have to pay to repair "a few shingles," it is possible that it is time to replace the whole roof.

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2. You are worried about ensuring that the shingles on the roof match.

You treat your house like a castle, and as a result, you put a lot of effort into making it seem nice from the street. You may have replaced some asphalt shingles on your roof in the past. Even though this may have prevented more water damage to your roof, you may not be pleased with the patchwork of colors that it now has.

3. Getting a residential roofing service is no longer in your best financial interest.

A complete roof replacement won't break the bank, nor will ongoing residential roofing service and repairs. If you pull off an older roof and replace it with modern roofing materials, you could find that you end up saving money in the long term.

4. The time has come for you to replace your roof, considering its lifespan.

Asphalt roofs do not have an indefinite lifespan. You should be fortunate if you can get two decades of use out of a roofing system in a region prone to severe weather or intense ultraviolet radiation.

5. Your roof is not meeting the latest building regulations.

Did you know that many municipalities have building standards that dictate the maximum number of layers that may be added to an existing roof? Suppose your roof already has two layers of shingles installed. In that case, you should be prepared for the possibility that you may be compelled to replace the whole of your roof during the next round of residential roofing service repairs.

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6. There has been structural damage done to your house.

Your home's ceiling, which includes the roof, is an essential component of the construction of your home. If you haven't paid attention to your roof for a few years, you could start to notice some warning signs of other minor deterioration on other portions of the structure. These signs might include: Failure of the roof, for instance, might result in rotting wood, nail bursts within the house (caused by movement of the structure), damage to the roof deck, or a sagging roof.

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