Conversation About Roofs: Do You Need A Roof Repair?
Admin Admin June 2, 2022

A roof that can talk... seriously?! Here are a few signs that your roof could be trying to tell you if you need roof repair for the upcoming winter.

need roof repair

What Does Your Roof Say And What It Means

1. "...I can't take the heat anymore."

Isolation is inadequate. If you observe that the snow or frost on your roof melts quicker than the snow or ice on other roofs in your area (facing the same direction), your roof is alerting you that you need extra insulation on your attic floor means you need roof repair. The underside of your roof deck is melting due to heat transfer from your home's interior. Additional insulation can assist keep that heat where you want it to be - inside your living area, decreasing your energy expenses and making your house more pleasant.

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2. "'s hard to breathe."

There's not enough air moving through the building. A sign of excessive moisture in your attic is frost on the nails sticking through the bottom of your roof deck, which you may see while looking into your attic on a chilly day. We mean that moisture that begins in your house and travels to the attic. To avoid accumulating mold spores in your attic, ensure that all of your exhaust fans and laundry and plumbing vents are directed to the outside to answer the need for roof repair. The next step is to search for methods to improve the ventilation in your attic, aiming for an equal balance of intake vents at the bottom of the roof and exhaust vents at the peak of the roof.

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3. "…I'm exhausted."

Dried-up Roof. If you see your roof shingles splitting in the low temperatures or lifting up in high winds, your need for roof repair or a new roof is approaching close. Also, keep an eye out for shingle granules that have fallen off and ended up in your gutters or garden.

4. "...I'm experiencing discomfort in my stomach."

The trouble with the gutters. A sagging gutter system is typically an indication of decay and age on the roof's edge and the fascia board. High moisture levels in the winter may bring this hazardous issue to light, signaling that additional examination of the roof and gutters or need roof repair should be undertaken as soon as practicable.

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5. "...I've got this drippy thing going on..."

Ice dams. Ice dams are a sign of a poorly ventilated or insulated attic. They may also come from poor roof geometry. 

6. "…uh oh."

There's a lot of sliding snow involved. Snow guards on your roof may be an option as a need for roof repair if the snow slides off your roof too rapidly, causing obstructions or damage to shrubbery. Snow guards are tiny metal castings mounted on the roof to retain the snow and encourage it to flow gradually and in pieces rather than in one sudden swoop. Contact us for details on our snow guards if you believe they may improve your circumstance.

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