Common Problems of Asphalt Shingles and How to Prevent Them
Admin Admin June 13, 2022

After having installed your roofing shingles, your next job is to make sure that your roof is in good condition. A good condition roofing will protect your home from external elements. There are many factors that affect the service life of your roofing materials and knowing these will help you be on the lookout for problems that may occur caused by them. 

Common Problems of Asphalt Shingles and how to prevent them

Roof Shingles can be damaged due to these factors (but are not limited to):



Sudden weather changes 

Organic growth

So what damages can these factors do to your roofing shingles? And how can you prevent it? 

Material Defect 

Asphalt shingles are in the mid-range in durable roofing materials. It can even last up to 50 years compared to other roofing materials and can even lessen when installed in undesirable weather conditions. 

Most asphalt shingles are not advisable for cold climates as they can be water-absorbent and brittle. In choosing your asphalt shingles, consider choosing manufacturers or suppliers with a good reputation wherein their shingles have undergone necessary tests to ensure the quality of their asphalt shingles. 

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One of the most common problems that can occur because of poor roof shingles installation is raising shingles and blistering. Shingles are thin roofing material and can easily be damaged during strong winds. When shingles are not properly attached to their underlayment, a sudden strong blow of the wind can possibly rip or blow it off. 

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Blistering can also be caused by time but if it appeared not long ago after installation, it can be caused because of the poor roofing ventilation. This blistering happens when your roof creates trapped moisture that will expand or pop off during high-temperature weather conditions.

As you invest with good quality roof shingles, choose a trusted roofing contractor that has built its reputation in the roofing installation industry. They can deliver the roofing job and know the necessary requirements or other considerations like proper ventilation to longer and assure that your roofing system is properly installed. A good roofing contractor also provides a warranty in cases of a product defect or workmanship issue. 

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Sudden weather changes 

Loss of granules, warping, blistering, and cracking are some of the most common damages that can occur during a sudden change of weather. This is for example when your shingles are exposed to moisture or low temperature and then suddenly exposed to heat that hasn’t had enough time for expansion or contraction which can cause your material to curl or crack. And if left ignored, it can worsen into leaking. 

Warping and Cracking don’t happen quickly but it is because they sustained these sudden weather conditions or are left unattended over time. If the edges are starting to curl or the shingles are having hairline cracks, have them replaced immediately. 

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Organic Growth 

Algae and moss growth, if left untreated, will rapidly grow around your roofing system which will deteriorate your shingle material and also cause the shingles to pop up, lift or buckle. 

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To lessen the chances of algae and moss growth that will lead to these problems, routine maintenance should be done. Sweep or wash off dirt or debris that can be in contact with your shingles. Avoid harshly brushing off your shingles which can damage the ceramic coating which serves as the protective barrier. 


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