Becoming a Roofing Contractor
Admin Admin May 8, 2022

Have you been a roofer for a long time and wanted to take it to the next level and have your own roofing business? Becoming a certified roofing contractor is not just about your skill and knowledge to repair, replace and install roofs on different homes or buildings but it also involves your ability to lead, organize, and communicate with your team and your customers. To become a successful roofing contractor is to be able to have both skillsets of being a leader and a roofer. In this article, we will be giving you tips on starting your own roofing business. 

Becoming a Roofing Contractor

1. Business Planning 

Before hopping on to your roofing business, you must first design your business plan. This business plan will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas and set your priorities to realistically achieve your goals. These are some tips you must consider in building your own roofing business plan.

a. Research the market 

Knowing that the roofing industry is growing each year, you must know the market of your roofing specialization. Some questions you must ask yourself are:

-How dense is the market for residential roofing contractors? How about the commercial roofing contractor?

-Should I consider working on the repair and installation? How’s the competition with both scopes of roofing works?

-What is my target and how big is the population in my area? Can I compete with the existing roofing contractor?

-What should I do to have an edge over the existing roofing contractor? Should I expand my services outside the roofing business? 

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These questions are just starters to keep your mind working on. You can expand your list and take your time doing your research and pick your specialization. Now that you have chosen your scope of roofing works, you can start:

-Create your organizational structure 

-Setting your short and long term goals

b. Financial Stand 

Now that you have planned and chosen your niche, you can now take into consideration your financial stand. As you are still in your planning stage, quitting your job is advisable not unless you have been saving up for this business. You still need to build your financial stream in order to pay for necessary stuff. Depending on your niche, you must know:

-Equipment & Tools for Roofing 


-Office Supplies 

-Insurances & Bonds

If you need assistance, you can try financing. But be careful in taking up debt after debt, as you are still gonna pay for this and keep your business going.      

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2. Get into your business 

Now take the risk of becoming a roofing contractor! 

a. Have your business registered 

Before anything else, you must go to your local office and have it registered. This will build your integrity as a roofing contractor by abiding by the law. Depending on your state, you must also consider having a license as it is appealing to your customers. 

b. Hire your team 

Depending on how big you want your business structure, it is best to start hiring your roofers, labor & other staff, especially the ones that you have worked with a long time. It is best to also invest and provide your staff with necessary training and certifications that can eventually improve your business. You must also start building a good relationship with your suppliers as you will be working with them in your entire business journey so you must ensure that they will deliver good quality materials.

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c. Advertise 

Ask help from your friends to market your roofing business, they may have someone in their neighborhood that needs some roofing works and you can be the one they need. You can also contact your previous customers to help you advertise. Just keep in mind to always be patient. Start small, and build your way up.


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