5 Different Types of Roofs
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Roofs are essential to your home as it covers your entire house making you safe. There is a wide range of roof shapes that you can choose from but you should also consider how suitable for your area. 

To help you familiarize yourself, we have prepared 10 types which you can choose from with their advantage & disadvantage.

1. Lean-to Roof

You can identify directly this type of roof because literately leans onto a side of the house or to a wall. It is a one angled pitch that is supported by a taller wall. If you prefer to choose a more modern look, this is the type for you. 

5 Different Type of Roofs


Because of its shape, it can easily be done and does not cost much since it requires less material. 

You can attach a skylight or solar panel which is eco-friendly. 


Without proper design, leaks may occur since it is closer to the wall. 

There will be tighter space in the attic. 

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2. Gable Roof 

Gable Roof is two sloping sides that form an inverted “V” where the tip of the upper slope meets at the ridge. Some do have a triangular extension but some do prefer extending the wall all the way up. This type of roof is preferable for areas without a strong breeze and if you want to have a cottage-type style. 

5 Different Type of Roofs


Not susceptible to leaking since the water flows at both slopes. As well as during snowfall, it will not pile up on top of the roof accumulating additional load. 

Provide more overhead for attic space.


Because of its overhang, it is more prone to damage when there are strong winds pushing up the roof. 

It-Harder to build since the wall will be of different heights.

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3. Hip Roof

Hip Roofs are the type where all sides have a slope meeting at the top ridge. Because of its design, all walls are of the same height. This is ideal for areas where strong winds occur since the design of having four slopes helps resist them.

5 Different Type of Roofs


Because of its slopes to all the sides, it is more resistant to winds making it more self-bracing. 

It is more energy-efficient because it shelters excessive heat. 


It costs more than a gable since it will require more labor and materials. 

Adding vents is quite challenging. 

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4. Mansard Roof 

Mansard Roof is also called French Roof. Each side of the roof consists of two different slopes having the lower slope steeper than the one above. If you wish to have a dormer, this type of roof is suitable for you. 

5 Different Type of Roofs


Adds space that you can design as a dormer 

It offers more heat and light distribution which help circulate the air within the house.


Because of its slope, snow might pile up on top of it. 

It takes longer to install and more additional manpower

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5. Butterfly Roof 

Butterfly Roofs are in the shape of a “V” having to lower slope to meet in the middle. If you want to have an eye-catcher, this one is for you.

5 Different Type of Roofs


It can accumulate rainwater which you can use for cleaning.

Because of its high wall, it provides more space for air circulation which improves your home’s ventilation


Because of its complexity, it cost more than some common types of roofs. It will also be heavier which will cost more in making your foundation. 

If not waterproofed properly, there are higher chance of leaks which will cost much for repair.



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