5 Common Problems With Metal Roofs (and How To Fix Them!)
Admin Admin May 18, 2022

Considerations in choosing your roofing material are its durability and long lifespan wherein metal roof falls best in these categories. However, metal roofing can still face some problems just like the conventional ones. 

5 Common Problems with Metal Roofs

What are the common causes of these issues? 

1. Improper Installation 

Metal sheets or panels are fastened to the structural roofing framing whether concealed or exposed. Fasteners are the major and crucial component in metal roofing installation as they will hold your metal roofing material in place. 

If fasteners are loosened, metal panels cannot perform well during heavy winds as they cannot stably hold in place. If not fixed, it can cause the metal sheets to tear up which can worsen into leaks. 

If fasteners are overdriven, it can tear and cause the metal panel to over-stress which can cause punctured holes in the surface wherein water leaks can penetrate. 

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2. Incorrect Sealant Application

If chimneys, vents, skylights, and other roofing features are installed, problems might arise on the joints that connect these features to the metal roofing. Considering that there is movement and that it is exposed to changing weather conditions, applied on the joints are prone to cracking. Therefore, use the proper sealant material as well as the methodology to lessen the issues. 

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Now, what are the common problems of metal roofing?

1. Oil Canning 

Oil canning is when the waviness or distortion with the roofing material is now visible. This issue is most likely to happen with cold-formed metal. Some reasons that oil canning happens are due to:

-Improper Storage of metal roofing materials 

-No room for expansion and contraction 

-Production and Cutting Stresses 

Oil Canning can be prevented by:

-Providing a dry space for storage before installation

-Using a thicker gauge of metal

-Using of matte/low-gloss paint finish

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2. Leaking 

More often than not, leaks do not happen over time. Leaks happen due to the accumulated damages before having it fixed. The most common reasons for leaks on the metal roof are:

-Over-driven Fasteners and Loosen Fasteners that cause the metal sheet to tear

-Failed Flashing and Seam

-Improper Sealant Application

Leaks can be prevented by:

-Checking of fasteners tightness

-Using of edge guard 

-Properly seal flashing, vents, chimneys & other features

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3. Corrosion

Though metal roofing materials are not coated to resist rust, it can still be inevitable. It can be caused by:

-The reaction between your fasteners and metal sheets or panel, bruising your coating.

-Other sides of the metal sheet or panels are not coated. 

-Edges are not sealed

-Humid and Salty Air 

Corrosion can be prevented by:

-Application of special paint for rust resistant 

-Properly coat edges and fastener holes

-Invest in higher grade metal roofing sheets or panels

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4. Scratches and Scuffs

Metal panels or sheets can be bruised or punctured because of:

-Heavy falling objects (like tree branches)

-Strong hail storms and winds (Ice Damage)

Scratches and Scuffs can be prevented by:

-Proper coiled or recoiled metal during installation

-Avoid heavy traffic on metal roofs (during repair or installation) 

-Trim off tree branches 

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5. Unrelated Materials 

There are materials that when in contact with metal, can cause the metal material to degrade. Some of which are:


-Treated Lumber 



It can be prevented by:

-Avoid using these materials

-Properly coat your metal sheets/ panels

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